“Greetings From Gravipause” by Brian Bradford on Amazon

Love, much like gravity, is one of the more powerful forces in the universe.  But like gravity, love has the power to both attract and repel.  That’s the starting point for Brian Bradford’s debut novel “Greetings From Gravipause“.

Following film director Jean-Luc Godard’s maxim (‘A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end, but not necessarily in that order.’) Bradford bounces across time and space spinning the tale of ‘Brian Bradford’, his semi-autobiographical narrator.  From Colorado to Jersey City to Osaka, Bradford’s protagonist wends his way through various incarnations–teacher, bartender, lover, husband, son–all the while confronted with love’s capacity to draw people together or whip them apart.

In between obliterating a kitchen appliance with a high-powered rifle and pondering the significance of Venus as it eclipses the Sun, Bradford takes the reader on a lyrical road trip through fifty years of an literate, acerbic and flawed man’s life.  Part stream of consciousness, part improv skit, part impressionistic pastiche (often within a single paragraph) Bradford asks the reader to both mourn the narrator’s tragic broken relationships and then laugh at his hazy barstool revelations.

To be sure, this is all very heady stuff. Had it gone awry, “Greetings From Gravipause” could’ve become a very self-conscious labor.  Bradford’s gift is being able to craft non-linear narrative and other unconventional storytelling elements in a seamless fashion.   ‘Gravipause’ couldn’t have been told any other way.

What is even more amazing is that this comes from a debut novel.  With “Greetings From Gravipause” Brian Bradford doesn’t just run out of the starting gate, he launches forward with gusto.  So get a hold of “Greetings From Gravipause” today, then pour yourself a Negroni and enjoy the show.

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