Cover Copy
Long story short–Amazon took down a bunch of the reviews for “Night Breaks Into Day”. That was…perturbing…to say the least. When I asked them why, they gave me a corporate non-answer answer. Okee dokee, I guess.
In any case, if you have reviewed “NBID” on Amazon and it got taken down, please re-submit it. Also, if you’d like to review my novel and you want it to actually stick, here’s the “NBID” page on a site called GoodReads. It’s a pretty cool place to review books and also to find neat books to read. Over the next few days, I’ll start posting those GoodReads reviews here and out on other social media.
Sorry for any inconvenience. Believe me, I didn’t take down those Amazon reviews. Also, thanks to all of you who read “Night Breaks Into Day”. Your kind words and generosity are really encouraging. It all just makes me want to create more great stories for you all to enjoy.
Have a terrific day!
TS Millheim

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