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Firearms play a role in much of the action in “Night Breaks Into Day”.  In the prcoess of writing the various kinetic scenes in the book, I realized that I would need some assistance.  What are the capabilities of a particular round?  How would a certain gun operate in various conditions? How big a boom would this thing make?  These questions and more bounced around my head for a while. Getting those parts to feel real was very important to the structure of the novel.

I knew right where I could get the information I needed. Staff Sergeant Joshua Hammerstone (US Army, Retired) is a decorated veteran of the Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq Wars.  With his experiences in the field and his knowledge running Defending America, I knew he could answer all of my questions.  He did just that, taking the time to give me a greater understanding of what would work and what would be unrealistic in the various action sequences I had in “Night Breaks Into Day”.  Thanks again, Josh.

Most importantly, thank you for your service to our country.

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